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Since I was ten, I see the world through pictures.

At the time, it all started with a small

plastic camera for 20 East German marks.

From the money for my first summer job

a year later I bought a "real" camera.

Later, each saved cord was plugged in photo lab

equipment and photo accessories. 1988-90

-It was followed by an apprenticeship as font

and graphic artist at the DEWAG operating school.

By the way, I work for various newspapers that print my photos.

Turning Point 89/90. I get the offer to do my part-time job to the main profession.

Since August 1990 I work as a freelance press photographer

for various publishers and photographer for numerous companies,

private contracts or public contracting.

I'm not the classical studio photographer and also run (yet) a photo studio.

I shoot at the customer's site or pre-selected locations.

I want to make the photo shoot for you an experience to remember.

My ideas, my visual language, my other methods,

a different way of Photography makes me as a photographer.

My style is modern photography captures

the emotions as they are (no permanent: please even smile),

which offers the design, not by Effektehascherei.

Pictures are authentic and yet may have failed.